Wealth Management

At Swenson Wealth Management, there is no “bucket” approach to money management. We fully understand that, depending on your income needs, timeframe and risk tolerance, we may need to manage assets even within the same account differently. Before working with you, we establish an “investment policy statement” and fully inform you of our intent as money comes in to your account. Depending on market conditions and opportunities, we may wait to slowly work the money into different asset classes over time as opposed to dropping it into a bucket that matches your risk tolerance. We have long-standing relationships with professionals that solely manage your assets on a day-to-day basis, allowing us, as the advisors the flexibility to meet with clients to be sure their plan is on track.

Our money managers focus on low costs investments within the portfolios. Utilizing individual stocks, bonds and ETF’s gives them the ability to cut down internal costs associated with investing to be sure that you you are getting the best value possible.