Estate Planning

“We know we need to do something, we just don’t know where to start” is the most common phrase I hear from farmers.

A majority of the estate planning that we do at Swenson involves family farm operations. Over the last 15 years, we’ve been fortunate to sit at kitchen tables all across the Midwest and hear stories about family farm operations and family dynamics. The good, the bad, the ups and the downs. Although no two plans that we’ve created are the same, we do hear a lot of the same concerns:

  • How do minimize or eliminate state/estate taxes at my death?
  • How do I protect my land from the costs of a nursing home?
  • How do I keep the family farm intact for a farm kid(s) while treating my non-farming child(ren) fairly?
  • What happens to the land if one of my of my children gets divorced?
  • Do I really need a trust? I’ve heard horror stories about trusts.

What do we do differently? Most people don’t know where to start. If you’ve ever said “we don’t even know what questions to ask,” that’s where we come in. We do a free, no obligation meeting at our office or at your kitchen table. We want to learn about your operation and what concerns you have about passing it on to the next generation. Once we fully understand what is important to you, we start the planning process. We’ll give you different options to consider and help you identify potential threats to your farm that you may not have thought about before. Over the years we have built great working relationships with some of the best ag estate planning attorneys in the Midwest, and we’ll make sure you are working with the best in the industry we work along side you every step of the process.